Tess Brouwer

Chief Alignment Officer & Co-Founder of Awake Academy

In 2018, Tess was a corporate executive living in Geneva, flying around the world working with some of the world’s most famous brands including Virgin and Coca-Cola. Then her life changed forever…

Sustaining a life changing spinal cord injury, spending 7 months in and out of hospital, 2 major operations, 3 months in s spinal ward learning to use her body and mind again. In this time Tess learnt the power of belief…and her power to enable people to believe in themselves.

Tess and Layne collaborated and Awake Academy was born.

Tess co-hosts the programs alongside Layne. She is a qualified personal trainer, yoga and meditation teacher. She brings her corporate understanding, trauma awareness, lessons learnt by rebuilding her life, and empowers people to do the work and believe in themselves.

In Fiji Layne and Tess will challenge and transform our thinking, help us silence negativity and empower us to be more centred, connected and confident leaders.