Radek Sali

Ran the number 1 health brand in Aus and China

For ten years, Radek Sali was at the helm of the vitamins and supplements business, Swisse. In a cluttered market, Radek used his brand-building skills to make Swisse the number 1 natural health brand in Australia and China. He took Swisse's revenue from $13m to $650m and profit from $500,000 to $250m.

In 2015, Radek assisted the sale of Swisse to Chinese interests for $1.67b, one of the biggest private company transactions in Australian history.

Under Radek’s leadership, Swisse was awarded Australia’s Best Private Business 2012 and The Best Place to Work in Australia for 2015 and 2016. Radek was awarded 2012 GQ Business Person of the Year and 2016 EY Entrepreneur of the Year (Industry) and a La Trobe honorary alumni in 2016. He received an Honorary Appointment with Melbourne University (Faculty of Business/Economics) in 2017.

Today, Radek is the Executive Chairman of Light Warrior Group, which invests in ventures that are driven by socioeconomic outcomes rather than purely financial gains.