Nick Allan

Nick Allan has a quarter century of strategic leadership, business development, and customer management experience across 12 countries. As Indicator’s Head of AI and Business Development, he excels in identifying lucrative opportunities, optimising sales team performance, and implementing new business systems to enhance revenue streams and turnaround under-performing entities. Nick has a track record of leveraging advanced technologies to streamline operations and drive business growth.

Join us at Nurture Change for an enlightening workshop on the revolutionary impact of AI in the sales domain. Discover how new, highly effective AI tools can streamline sales processes, enhance customer interactions, and significantly drive up revenue growth. This session will offer deep insights and practical strategies for leveraging AI to optimise sales team performance, improve decision-making, and drive sustainable business success. Whether you’re a sales leader or a business executive, this workshop will equip you with the knowledge to harness AI’s potential and stay ahead in the competitive market.