Starting The Conversation

Wave Of Ecosophy

Naess defined ecosophy in the following way: By an ecosophy I mean a philosophy of ecological harmony or equilibrium.

And that's exactly the mission Vicki Stirling and Belinda Storrs have set themselves with their social enterprise, Wave Of Ecosophy. 

"We are all about starting the conversation around equality in the work place for women."

With their fab range of hand sanitisers and soaps, to be put in the bathrooms of corporate offices globally (and given to all Nurture Her attendees), the aim of Wave Of Ecosophy is to change the landscape of the workforce and provide better access to jobs and higher positions for women. 

Sadly Vicki will not be joining us in Fiji but the wonderful Belle will be there with....bells on....

We sat down with these two go getters to get the goss on all things equality. 

Please visit for more details.

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