Introducing Karen Vial

The Holistic Real Estate Agent

At Nurture Her, what we love most of all is hearing the inspiring stories our guests have to share.

Today’s spotlight is on Karen Vial, who’ll teach us how to be true to ourselves and our business vision, how to dig deep when times are tough and why we all need to create opportunities to help others….

Karen is a professional real estate agent who launched her boutique sales agency ( in Adelaide in 2014, with the goal of bringing a holistic edge to a typically aggressive and competitive working environment. 

The word ‘holistic’ isn’t one often seen next to the words, ‘real estate’, so we dug a little deeper on this one. 
“My company was founded on the solid foundations of good family values. The values I was raised with. My goal has always been to respect the privilege of being chosen to represent my client/s in selling their home and to represent their home/property in a highly professional way. My professional integrity and reputation is everything to me. I am not looking at changing the world of real estate nor becoming a clone of it, but if Blythman Real Estate can have a positive influence within its own circle, then my goal is achieved.”

Karen takes a holistic approach to other parts of her life also. 

“If I’m healthy and have belief in myself, then my business will build, and its energy will flow. My business will grow in quite an organic and refreshing way. I believe in a balanced professional and personal aspect to life.”

With an impressive resume in the pharmacy industry, working in marketing and retail operations, Karen landed in real estate after taking a life gamble in 2003. “I threw caution to the wind and left my employment security of 22 years. I thought, if I stay, I will stay forever. The world’s a big place, and I wanted to explore it, so I dipped my toe into the ocean of real estate and property.”

Adversity and tragedy often form the foundations of change and growth. As much as our most painful life events hurt at the time, we can often reflect on these challenges and in hindsight, some of our best decisions in life often result from dealing with and moving on from the heartache we suffer. As Ryan Holiday says in, The Daily Stoic, ‘having experienced and survived misfortune, we walk away with a better understanding of our own capacity and strength.” 

Karen knows this better than most, as she recently lost her beloved husband of four years and two months to prostate cancer. 

“David loved me incredibly deeply. He gave me the privilege to love him in return. It was limitless, both ways. He was my soul connection undoubtedly.”

“We jam-packed more in to 4 years & 2 months, than most do in 40 years. Falling unconditionally in love and being able to love unconditionally we set each other’s spirit free. We lived in peace, light and love.”

Growth through adversity...

This adversity has been the catalyst for future decisions regarding Karen’s personal life and professional life and is the reason why her integrity as a real estate agent is uncompromising. Above all, through the experience of David’s battle with prostate cancer, Karen recommends, “Never live your life through someone else’s eyes. Your life is your own business, so mind it and mind it well!”

“Out of everything I have achieved, experienced or considered, the one thing I know to be absolutely true is that I am excellent at looking after and nurturing those I love the most. It’s innate for me to do so. I sense it, and it feels right from the inside.”

“Once we understand who we are and how we are, only then can we shine and excel. Living my life, my way is important to me, and I believe everyone has a real purpose and a genuine opportunity to create an incredible existence. How many people actually discover their path though? That’s a mission in itself!” 

Karen recognises her strengths and with the intrinsic knowledge of who she is she has turned her grief into something that will benefit others, which in turn also benefits her tremendously. If things look like they may take a unsuspected turn towards the negative for you today, try not to worry as this could be one of those formative experiences you will be grateful for in hindsight….

There is real power in discovering who you are… authenticity can’t be faked. It’s worth asking why you’re doing the things you are, if you don’t love them? Have you given yourself the chance to reflect on this or are you too busy getting through the day-to-day? 

This is one of the reasons Nurture Her was created - to provide the space to help you uncover your true passion and your ‘why.’

Did someone say wine???

If you happen to like wine and love a weekend getaway, Karen is also the owner of a stunning home that she rents out to visitors. Uniquely, this now gorgeous home was a former local church, located in Gawler, on the doorstep to the famous Barossa Valley wine region in South Australia. This is also where Karen and David were married.

“That house is my peaceful and beautiful abode, where I escape. I hope to make it my studio for writing as time unfolds and I’m able to make space for that.”

Speaking of writing, Karen says her biggest dream at the moment is to write. She attended a Hay House writer’s workshop in May in Melbourne, with a plan to pitch a book concept. 

“Sometimes life is very unfair, and so in my 21 months of grieving my husbands passing, I want to share the stories of my life to inspire others.”

A term that Libby and Sarah came up with is ‘frientors” (friends who love business often make the best mentors!) and the concept of meeting new frientors was one of the inspirations in developing the Nurture Her Business Retreat. We asked Karen what she wanted to get out of her experience in Fiji…”Nurture Her is a once in a lifetime opportunity and brilliantly timed. I want to create new life circles, new connections and breathe in the chilled Fiji vibes. I need to refocus on myself, in my quest to emerge calmly into a new life space, with a refreshed focus on my personal & business pursuits.” 

So now you know a bit about Karen… don’t be shy! Say hi when you see her in Fiji ;)

For details on how to secure your spot, please click here and one of our customer care specialists will be in touch. 

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