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How many things in your business do you despise doing? I bet there are loads of stuff like those pesky three-a-day social media posts you 'should' be doing or even sorting through waste of time emails that bombard your inbox or the bookkeeping or maybe business isn't going so well and you need to streamline your systems. 

Yup, all that stuff and much more keeps you 'in' your business! 

You need to be out there networking, building partnerships and workshopping and not wasting your time or your value on stuff you can get a virtual assistant to take care of for you. 

Nurture Her 2018 attendee, Kirsty Smith, from Virtual Elves breaks down the outsourcing myths in this intimate audio interview and explains how a busy mum of 2 can take her 20 hour work week up to a 60+ hours and how she helped launch a local Aussie deodorant company successfully onto the world stage. 

To listen just press the play button and you're off and running. 

Kristy will be in Fiji this October for the inaugural Nurture Her Business Retreat. She would welcome you with open arms for a chat about how she can take your business to the next level. 

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