Our Speakers & Special Guests

We are soooo proud to present you the quality of speakers attending Nurture Her. What will they be talking about and who else is coming??? Let me tell you a little secret… we have a special guest coming that has not been announced yet… and they will pop up when you least expect it! Cool huh! 

We have some big stars joining us in Fiji! 

Agapi Stassinopoulos is a phenomenon.  Mentor to our co-founder, Steve Pirie, she will change the way you look at being productive with her presentation on Why Nurturing Self Helps Your Business. While her sister, Arianna Huffington, was doing research for her book about Greek mythology, Agapi’s love for the gods and goddesses was ignited and led to two books of her own, Conversations with the Goddesses and Gods and Goddesses in Love, as well as a one-woman show and a PBS special. Agapi speaks and conducts seminars worldwide empowering others to create the lives they want. She lives in Los Angeles and New York and is a frequent blogger for The Huffington Post. Her new book is titled Unbinding the Heart: A Dose of Greek Wisdom, Generosity, and Unconditional Love (Hay House). 

Victoria Crone will be speaking about Innovation in Business. Victoria joined Xero in 2017 as Managing Director for NZ and Rest of World, after 18 years with Telecom and Chorus - most recently as Chorus General Manager, Marketing and Sales. She is a Director of Aura Information Security and CreativeHQ, and a Trustee of NZ Hi-Tech Trust and Wiki NZ. Victoria is a tech enthusiast, Mum and wannabe long distance sports freak.

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Next up you will get the distinct pleasure of listening to one of the most engaging speakers we have come across. Murray Thom has a book coming out, Eat, Drink and be Murray. This time it's his autobiography and it will sit on the shelf alongside other creations including The Great New Zealand Songbook, The Great Australian Songbook, as well as many many other hugely successful books. He is an amazing success story. Murray is a high energy, positive and dynamic speaker who will leave you energised and with a memorable and compelling desire to achieve more, live life to the fullest and never give up. He is charming and funny and his stories of success both locally and internationally are shared from a genuine desire to help others achieve success. Murray was named one of New Zealand’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs of the Decade by NZ Business magazine.

Dr Emily Splichal will talk about Enhancing Interoceptive Awareness: Bridging Brain & Breath. You maybe wondering how this will affect your business but you will come away from this experience with new knowledge around nurturing yourself so you can be the best you can be. Dr Splichal is actively involved in barefoot research and the application of barefoot science as it relates to athletic performance, cognitive development and movement longevity.  She has presented her research and barefoot education to over 20,000 professionals in 35 countries, making her one of the most sought after professionals in Functional Podiatry and human movement. 

You are in for a treat next up with our co-founders Sarah and Libby, with a guest appearance by weeks old baby Izzy no doubt. Well-being and Wonder will be the topic of discussion and you better buckle in because it will be a high energy, action packed presentation that will leave you curious about how to get more ‘wonder’ in your life and from Libby, The Biggest Loser: Transformed super coach, how to get the best out of your health. What do you mean by ‘Wonder’ you ask?? Remember that feeling when you were a kid and you first learnt to ride your bike, stood up surfing for the first time or prepared and then performed a dance show for your family…That’s wonder…. 

Its looking like Friday morning will start with a powerful presentation from Sarah Hollaway with her talk on Nurture your nature - becoming who you really are. Sarah began her working life as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer at a leading international law firm. It was a tough gig as you can imagine. In pursuit of balance, Sarah and her partner started a creative side project in late 2014 capitalising on a gap they discovered in the health food market for matcha green tea powder. Three years on, this vibrant green superfood is one of the world's premier health food trends and Matcha Maiden is leading the way with a growing community of over 1000 stockists, 80,000 social media followers and a very bright (green) future.

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How to enter a room and f*cking own it is up next with Maz Farrelly. Have you ever heard Maz speak at an event before? You are in for a treat! There will be no tip toeing around the subject when Maz is in charge. When someone meets you for the first time this is how long they take to make their mind up about you - three seconds – yup, three seconds. Brutal. Proud to be co-founder of the very un-corporate consultancy firm Black and Farrelly, Maz specialises in ‘sticky information’ – how to deliver your message so it sticks in the brains of the people that matter to you. This can’t be done by hiding in the corner. This will be a good one to attend!

You are off to Mala Mala Beach Club for the afternoon, a short boat ride away, where Tami and Paul Roos will give you an insight into how mindfulness can help propel your business. An accomplished keynote speaker Tami addresses audiences ranging from CEO’s looking to embrace more influence, efficiency and professional impact – to those people seeking to access the power mindfulness has to improve their lives. Tami's husband, Paul Roos, is a highly regarded and respected leader who specialises in leadership, culture, and behaviours. An ex-professional AFL player and Premiership winning AFL coach Paul brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to this arena. 

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Saturday is another day packed with high calibre speakers with Shelley Laslett kicking your day off with a presentation on The Neuroscience of Leadership - Influence & Communication. Shelley may just be the missing link you were after, that person in your corner, guiding you through the turmoil of life and business. Shelley is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vitae.Coach (Vitae). Vitae is a startup which combines technology with neuroscience to help individuals create the career and life they want, and startup founders, to thrive not just survive the startup journey. Shelley is also a startup advisor, mentor, board member and brain-based coach.

Time for a cuppa and a breath (and a biccy, go on)…you’ll need it because Janine Allis will blow your mind next. She has an astounding story of success. She will talk to you about Nurturing the love of change. “I’ve had no formal business training, just a simple common sense approach to business.  I did not know what the traditional path looked like so I made it up along the way” she admits. Janine’s road to success was less conventional than most… her way was to work 3 jobs so that she could fulfil her dream of travelling the world and let life take her on a journey.  This journey took Janine around the world where she took on roles from a nanny in a little village in France to working for rock and movie stars on a yacht in the South of France and the Caribbean. You will sit there shaking your head in amazement at her story and no doubt gain inspiration to keep pushing forward in your business. 

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Zac de Silva was voted International Business Coach Of The Year two years in a row and is a co-founder of Nurture Her. If anyone can take your business to the next level it’s Zac. He will be conducting a business changing workshop. He says running 3 businesses gives him great on-the-ground experience so that his 100+ business coaching clients know that he can walk the talk and better help them. Zac has worked for several very successful and well-known businesses, including being CFO of Flight Centre and running FCM Travel and Barkers Menswear, but what makes him happiest is seeing his clients increase their profitability and grow.

Emma Maidment is passionate about sharing ways to live an authentic and connected life. As a yoga and meditation teacher, writer, presenter, founder of Ritual Retreats and co-founder of Mindful Mornings she runs retreats, workshops, events and speaks on health and wellbeing around Australia and the world. If it’s one thing we want from your experience at Nurture Her it’s how to Nurture yourself better! 

Our speakers will change the way you think. They will inspire you with how they 'made it' against the odds and the best part is that you get to hang out with them for 5 days….they don’t just pop in, speak, and then leave. You can have breakfast with them, a drink beside the pool or even organise a private coaching session. 

But we also have amazing guests like Deborah Hutton, Elle Halliwell, Tegan Martin, Olivia Carr, Amanda Whitely and many more. 

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