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Our side hustle to world domination queen, Sarah Holloway

Sarah is our guru when it comes to turning a side hustle into a booming business, all while working with your partner and keeping your love life intact!

1. What are you working on right now? (Maybe that you’re excited about?)

I'm actually really excited to be working ON the businesses a bit more at the moment rather than just IN them. It's been head down bums up for most of the year jumping from project to project without coming up for air, but all three of my main work streams are now on the cusp of a new chapter so I'm taking a bit of time to go back to the drawing board and revisit the bigger picture plans (which any business owner will know doesn't happen often enough, so is exciting in itself). Matcha Maiden has just emerged from Chobani's first Australian food incubator program which involved four months of intensive and comprehensive scale up, so now we're letting all the learnings marinate and are building out the pipeline for some new products and structural changes. Matcha Mylkbar has just launched a dinner series which has been a delightful extension of our food innovation and experimentation and now we're planning what the next challenge will be. Spoonful of Sarah has become "a thing" of its own taking me to incredible events like Nurture Her and just last week, the Vogue Codes conference, so I'm starting to map out where I'd like to take it and what my vision for the coming year will be. After a whirlwind few years of transitioning out of corporate and into business, I'm finally getting into my groove and starting to be more intentional and proactive rather than reactive. I can't wait to see what unravels as this next chapter unfolds!

2. What is something you did this week to nurture yourself?

The irony of running a wellness business is that your passion for it tends to take priority and your own wellness falls to the bottom of the list. While the last few weeks has been a string of overwhelming highlights and long-awaited opportunities coming to fruition, the mind and body were starting to protest from all the stimulation and my anxiety kicked into overdrive. I'm realising that even positive experiences can overstimulate you and consume energy, and I had just been overloaded the senses without retreating for quiet time in between. So, I decided to spontaneously head to the beach with Nic for two days of ocean air and phones on airplane mode and it did a WORLD of good to get out of town. We felt so good that we cancelled everything and extended for a third day just to enjoy barefoot walks on the sand, watching Netflix and sleeping in. Nurturing can seem so dispensable until you do it and realise how essential it actually is to your happiness!

3. Who is a leader you learnt something incredible from and what was the lesson your learnt?

A dear friend of mine, Nat Warner, who owns the amazing Greene Street Juice is what I consider a true community leader who inspires people to be better - both morally/ethically and in terms of how they treat their body - just by living her values and leading by example. She is my unwavering moral compass and she has taught me many times that it is possible to stay absolutely true to your values and stand up for what you think is right without being harsh or abrupt about it. I am too prone to agreeing with others just to avoid awkwardness or just to appear gentle and likeable, but Nat somehow sticks to her guns and still remains peaceful and respectful to everyone and every view. It's such an important lesson, not to just cave to those around you and be what they want you to be. Also if someone was going to walk away from you because of what you value, you didn't want them as a friend anyway. I have learnt so much from her wisdom and continue to admire her approach to life, business and relationships.

4. Who do you think is a great innovator (brand or person) and why?

These days I feel so lucky to be surrounded by wonderful innovators who see conventional, routine things in an unconventional, disruptive but generally more efficient way. It is the age of the small business and I love being part of it! My partner, Nic, is one of those wonderful innovators and he has definitely influenced my path in business and opened my mind to different ways of thinking. Where most of us would see one solution to a problem, Nic will see 10 other better, faster, or more efficient ones and it's so interesting to see an innovative brain at work. On a larger scale, people who revolutionise their industries by doing something different or anticipating change inspire me - Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Elon Musk or Steve Jobs are some of the ones I have followed closely and love hearing about. But really anyone who looks at something in a new way is an innovator, even if they don't commercialise that perspective. I just love people who tick a different way to the rest of us. 

5. If you were starting out again and could have any career you wanted, what would it be and why?

That's such a great question and I don't know that I would have it any other way than how it has turned out. I love what I do, but I have also loved the unconventional pathway to get here and I think every experience you go through is what forms you into the person you are now. If I had to choose though and money weren't a concern, I would have probably continued my early life career as a ballerina as I was truly passionate about the art of ballet and the performing arts. I also love learning foreign languages so if there was a career that involved being paid to learn languages and then eat your way around the countries whose languages you've learnt (as I also love food), then I'd do that - some kind of food presenter on Getaway or Postcards or something like that! 

6. What are you most excited about in attending the nurture her business retreat in Fiji this year?

I think everything in life is either made better or worse by the people you spend it with and that good relationships and networking are the key to success in life. Everybody knows something you don't and it's all about discovering what that is and how you can learn from each other. In both my legal career and in business I have been so positively influenced by the people I've met, and I am so excited about the wonderful, like-minded women who will be joining Nurture Her to bump brains with! Of course, the warmth and stunning scenery doesn't hurt either, I'm such a beach bunny and love the warm weather! Counting down the days!

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