Larissa Macleman's 3 business lessons

Larissa Macleman came along to Fiji last year as a member of the innovative Timely business, which is doing great things with hairdressing salons and beauty salons, sorting out their appointment books. 

Larissa was inspired by the speakers and other like-minded business people on the retreat that it got the entrepreneur in her a bit fired up - so much so that in July this year she launched her own business! (She remains committed to the Timely brand as brand ambassador & certified partner - smart move.) 

Larissa is now the owner of Salon Owners Collective (, which helps owners with marketing strategies and uses the latest technology and processes to get them working smarter, not harder in business. Larissa also launched the app,

We asked Larissa for her three pieces of business advice, which she shared below:

1. Work ON your business more than IN it. 

Early on in my business journey I learned that the key to running a successful business was to work on my business more than I worked in it. In the early days I’d worked hard to grow a loyal following but I quickly learned the value of working on activities that would exponentially grow revenue beyond what I could earn alone, per hour. I take this approach into my new ventures.

2. Take care of yourself first - you can't fill a anyone else's cup when yours is empty. 

The problem with owning a business is that we can get so busy running around after everyone, ensuring jobs are being done, that our team is happy and our families get our attention. We can lose sight of ourselves and our own needs. When we don’t take care of ourselves it erodes the quality at which we operate. We get stressed, tired and run down. A fuzzy and muddled brain is no way to run a business. I consider outsourcing some of the household tasks an investment for my sanity and my marriage. Employ a cleaner or a student  to do your gardening and laundry.

3. Work smarter & not harder: Automate, delegate & systemise!

The most important currency to me as a working mum is my time. To get the most out of my time, I try to automate and systemise daily, weekly or monthly tasks. Luckily I love technology and it’s made it possible to automate many business tasks. It’s cost-effective and saves hours of time (once I’ve invested in setting it up). Automating routine jobs means less mistakes and a smoother running business, without the need for repetitive (aka boring) work. Focus on the things that make the most impact in your business - do what you do best and delegate or automate the rest.

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