Learning’s from Justine Flynn of Thank You and others!

We have done four other events in Fiji over the past few years and the learning’s have blown people away. I am so excited about what we will learn from Nurture Her. Bring it on!

The purpose of Nurture Her is to give business owners, senior managers and entrepreneurs the space to think about their business and life away from their usual clutter, in an inspirational, overseas setting with like-minded people.

One way this is delivered is through leading speakers sharing their greatest hits of successes and failures that everyday business people can apply to their everyday business life and overall life.

We have had some great wisdom shared the past few years, and have heard from over 60 world-class leading speakers to date. So many learnings! Here are some of my favourites.

Victoria Crone

CEO of Callaghan Innovation said, “the best person to disrupt your business, is yourself”.

What are you doing to disrupt your business so you exist in 10 years time? You might have fears about what product will come along to replace whatever you do.

If you could click your fingers, what would you do to create the product that will be replacing you in the future? The longer you hold off doing this, the higher the chance of you not being around tomorrow.

Sir Graham Henry

One of the best sports coaches ever, who coached the All Blacks to Rugby World Cup success in 2011 said “Good coaches have good teams, good businesses have good teams.”

How good is your team in your business and what could you be doing to make it greater? You cannot be a great leader if you have the wrong team.
The term “get the right people on the bus” is so important for a business to be successful. If you were to re-employ your entire team again tomorrow, how many of your current team would you would decide to not re-employ again?

Of course success in business is not all about your team being great, it is also about you, the leader being great, leading by example and holding people accountable and giving the team the environment to succeed.
Graham learned over time how to be a more effective leader, no doubt you will need to evolve your leadership style as well to remain at the top of your game.

Murray Thom

Marketer extraordinaire who said “the quality of todays work determines next years opportunities”.

Are you doing enough today to make next year the best year ever in your business? What should you be doing today to have a super successful 2018 and 2019 year?

Are you actually delivering to a very high standard to your customers today?
And if not, what do you need to improve so you have today’s customers coming back to you next year and to help you get more word of mouth sales growth in the future?

Frances Valintine

A futurist who said “How do you know when the sacred cow in your business needs replacing?”

Every product and service in your business will have its use by date – make sure you act sooner than later so when it declines you have other products on the up to replace it.

Frances also believes a key to success is constant simplification. How can you simplify both how you do business with customers and how you run your business internally?

Justine Flynn

Co-founder of social enterprise Thankyou said “no change, no change”.

What in your business are you wanting to change but are doing nothing to make it change? What in your own personal performance do you know you need to change yet you do nothing to improve?

Moral of the story: get away, learn and talk to others! Nurture Her is in Fiji on October 24 to 28, 2018. Don’t miss out and see you there!

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