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Janine Allis is an adventurer at heart, travelling the world as a young Aussie backpacker in the 80s, working as a camp councillor in San Francisco, to a Stewardess on David Bowie’s yacht.

Based in Melbourne, Janine is a working mother of four. Her life is hectic so she understands firsthand the demands the world can put on an individual! 

What we love most about Janine is how real she is but also her drive to be an advocate for a healthy lifestyle – she maintains a five-day-a-week yoga practice, she is a very average surfer and tennis player…but loves both.

And she is one of our headline speakers at Nurture Her 2018!

We are so proud that in our first ever event we could secure the services of someone as highly respected as Janine.

You would have seen her star in the Channel 10 series, Shark Tank, as a high powered investor competing with other 'sharks' to win the favour of potential business partners, but Janine is also a speaker that commands your attention with her story. You leave Janine's presentations feeling like you also, can grow something from nothing, just like Janine did. She is completely inspiring!

In 1999 during a trip to the US, Janine witnessed the juice and smoothie category growing steadily. Upon her return to Australia, Janine studied the local retail sector where she noticed a distinct lack of healthy fast food choices. After extensive research, she began to develop a business concept that was different to anything else in the world. Her vision was to “do retailing differently”, delivering a unique customer experience based on the “love life” philosophy. In 2000, Boost was born.

This all began without any formal business training...

Completely self taught, Janine has managed to build what most people would call and empire, founded on principals of great leadership. Janine’s leadership style is natural, warm, giving and extremely demanding, which has created a high performance culture in her business, achieving amazing results. 

Leadership is a topic that we have written about before on this blog and this could well be something you could discuss with Janine in between sessions in Fiji perhaps....

Janine has been presented numerous prestigious awards including, Telstra Business Women of the Year, Amex Retailer of the year, Awarded Exporter of the year and this year BRW named her one of fifteen people that changed the way Australia does business in the last 35 years....yup she is the real deal!

The key points you need to know about Janine

- Janine is 51 years old and works alongside her husband Jeff Allis. They have four children Samuel (25), Oliver (20), Riley (18) and Tahlia (8) and live in Victoria.

- Boost Juice started in 2000 from a kitchen table in the suburbs of Melbourne.

- Janine started working at 17 and has tried her hand at multiple jobs. She started her career as a media assistant at advertising agency McCann-Erickson, and went on to modelling, working as an assistant manager in a gym, a nanny in France, a promotions exec in Portugal, a camp councillor in the USA, a stewardess on David Bowie’s yacht in the Mediterranean (now that would have been fun!), a senior manager for a cinema chain that launched in Singapore, a publicist for United International Pictures (rubbing shoulders with famous actors and directors), a publisher, an author, touring agent for USA comedians, then Boost Juice and now Retail Zoo. There are some interesting stories in that lot!

And she has written a book! 

In The Accidental Entrepreneur

....Janine shares the secrets and skills that took her from housewife to entrepreneur to head of a multi-national corporation. Janine has journeyed from zero formal business training to leading a company with over 400 stores in 12 countries. 

This book takes you down the long road that she travelled, including some quirky stops along the way, and gives you valuable insight into taking the alternative road to business success. 

As a working mother of four, Janine understands the demands of modern life, and shows you how you can accomplish your goals without sacrificing your health or your relationships in the process.

Throughout her book you will learn how a company grows from kitchen table to sales of over 2 billion dollars from inception, explore and apply Janine's practical tips for success, identify and develop the skills you need to get where you want to be and overcome the common obstacles that can throw you off course.

If you think the only way to build a prosperous business is to go to a top business school, think again! 

Janine Allis is living proof that alternative paths are valid. The Accidental Entrepreneur charts her course, and provides you with directions to the destination you crave.

October 24-28 2018 is when Janine will be joining us in Fiji at the inaugural Nurture Her Business Retreat...Janine isn't just flying in for her presentation and then off again once it's done...she'll be there for the duration to answer any and all questions you may have. And we reckon that's pretty dam awesome!  


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