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Is Libby Babet Super Human?

You probably know Libby Babet as one of our Nurture Her Co-Founders, but did you also know she was a coach on Channel 10's The Biggest Loser: Transformed? Libby is prolific on Instagram, and is a qualified journalist who has written a ton of health, fitness and well-being articles for a number of top global publications. Her energy is seemingly boundless, and she has five fully fledged businesses on the go, all while being merely weeks from giving birth to her first child... yes, deep breath… just typing this I feel tired! You'd be forgiven for asking, is Lib actually superhuman???

Or is she simply doing what she loves to do?

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Libby worked as a news journalist before becoming a health journalist. She's always had an interest in being fit and healthy, but when a severe case of chronic hypertension in her mid 20s brought her close to death, she became obsessed with learning about nutrition and fitness in more depth, at first to figure out how she could improve her own situation (she did, by the way!) and eventually, to spread the good word on how simple it can be to completely turn your health around and create a seriously great life culture. 

Diving into those deep waters led her to create five unique businesses in fitness, health food production and distribution, and of course, wellbeing travel and events.

On last year's The Biggest Loser: Transformed Libby had the opportunity to work with chronically overweight people who were also in a fragile mental place. It was Libby’s holistic approach to wellbeing that made her stand out, and her discontent with the current environment of health, fitness and body image that connected her to her Biggest Loser contestants. This approach is reflected throughout all of Libby’s businesses... and that’s why we love her soo much!  

Here's a bit about Libby's businesses... but remember, for a more candid chat please listen to our very candid chat on all things business, life and finding your passion.

BUF Girls

Libby's first business was BUF Girls - a fun fitness experience where the focus is on connection, non-judgment, and support. BUF stands for; beautiful connections, unstoppable bodies and a fearless mindset. It’s about forgetting about working out to chase a shallow ideal of beauty, and training because of how it makes you feel – happy, healthy, balanced, alert, calm, centred, strong, powerful, beautiful, unstoppable, fearless… it’s about training for the love of it.

BUF Girls started as an outdoor fitness class down at the iconic Bondi Beach and morphed into a community of strong females who support each other and work together to break down the concept that to feel good you must bash your body into submission… BUF Girls now has multiple outdoor fitness locations, a brand new indoor studio, a performance group that tour the country every year with the Hit Network to put on a nationwide stage show, as well as online courses, a published book, an online shop and much more. is where it's all at!


Most people would be happy with just one successful fitness business driven by their passion. But no, Libby also wanted a space where she could express her athletic side, so she created AGOGA - a group fitness concept where the philosophy is; Leaner. Faster. Stronger.

AGOGA is a functional training gym in Bondi where you’ll have the opportunity to literally train like an athlete. Each workout is based on the training methods of the world's hottest athletes, coaches and scientific strategies from around the globe. Where BUF Girls is light and happy, AGOGA is dark and sweaty…

Ok, hang in there, there is more.

By the way if you want to listen to my interview with Libby please click below...

This Natural Life

Can you tell that Libby is a passionate person? Her next business has a broader mission, a concept that aims to change the way society views food.  This Natural Life is based on Libby’s nutrition mission to create a world where there’s no such thing as health food. Instead, all food is just… well, healthy! She is on a mission to change the way Australia eats, and that’s why This Natural Life scours the globe to handpick the world’s best healthy snack food products.

Chief Nutrition

Are you seeing a pattern here? Libby isn’t following the crowd. She is finding a need and addressing it in a contemporary and unique way. Chief Nutrition, Libby's next business, was created when Lib and her co-founder, ultra runner Veronika Larisova, decided there was a big gap in the healthy snacks market that needed to be filled! 

“In early 2014 Vee was preparing to trek the Kokoda trail and couldn’t find any healthy snacks to take with her. Everything was full of sugar, sweeteners and/or chemicals and even if you’re happy to put those things into your body, you don’t always feel like eating something sweet. Everyone recommended jerky, but it’s so hard to chew!”
That’s when the girls came up with the concept for Chief Bar – a healthy, easy to eat jerky in a bar! A delicious, savoury snack with no chemicals, no preservatives, no gluten, no dairy and low sugar. Just natural, whole food with 100% grass-fed meat, nuts and a little dried fruit – minimally processed and containing all essential amino acids. 

This year they launched their second suite of products, Chief Collagen Bars - these literally taste like shortbread and brownies... YUM!

Ok, we are nearly done, for now, because who knows what Libby is going to create in the next 5 years!

Nurture Her

This brings us to Nurture Her and the reason you are possibly here reading this.

After going to a Nurture Change event in 2017 where Libby and Sarah (Nurture Her Co-Founder) spent 5 days workshopping their businesses, brainstorming ideas and concepts and giving each other advice, they discovered that being away from home and the office in a new environment that was relaxed and beautiful had a massive impact on them. 

The two “frientors” found that being surrounded by people who were passionate about business, who genuinely wanted to workshop each others' brands was truly magic. When Lib and Sarah came home they created such momentum in their businesses that they just had to bring this experience, of women nurturing themselves, their businesses and each other, to Australia. 

“It's the perfect balance of working on yourself, working on your business, working on your network, while enjoying a beautiful tropical environment,” says Libby. 

Libby says she is a passionate person, and this kept her going in her early days of business, but she now has strategies in place to ease the burden of running those five businesses. She has embraced change, adverse outcomes, and is more relaxed when things go wrong (which, let's be honest, is all the time in business!). 

Libby reacts quickly to change but doesn't sit in it… she moves on. To get results quickly, Libby brings on great people which allows her to keep doing what she does best.

To learn how Libby does this in more detail, click below to listen to our candid chat :-)


I could literally write pages more about this truly exceptional woman but let’s leave it there…

If you are going to Fiji in October to attend the Nurture Her Business Retreat, you’ll get to hang out with Libby and soak up her energy. At times she’ll be busy feeding her new-born who will literally be weeks old by the time we all land at the Intercontinental, but there is so much you can learn from her regarding your business as well as your health. 

If you don’t have your spot secured, click here to chat with one of our customer care specialists and ask all your burning questions about the event. 

Hope to see you in October!

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