With Fiona Wilhelm

Are Robots going to take my job???

A few weeks ago our incredible co-founder, Sarah Nally, curated an event called Wired For Wonder, where the subject matter was all about the future, technology and how we all fit into the idea around robots taking all our jobs!!! The speakers literally came from Mars, had 3 eyes and used hoverboards.

AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) are terms you might have already heard but for those that haven’t, get used to hearing more about them as our future is based firmly in the development of these mediums. 

It’s all a bit scary but also exciting. But, and this is a crucial but, will it take over our jobs???

We have called in Fiona Wilhelm who is at the centre of this technology surge in her position at PwC to break down what this means for us.  

Fiona, what are the jobs of the future? Do we all need to learn how to code????

“The top 10 jobs of the future haven't been created yet, however, what we do know is the 'forces' that will shape the future of work. These are technology gains, Globalisation, increasing life spans in different generations, societal changes, and energy resources."

"The way I like to think about the future of work is that it's not about robots taking jobs, it's about taking away mundane tasks and dialling up the human connection - surely this is what we all need and why Uber and Airbnb are doing so well? They create human stories and connect at a human level, all facilitated by technology.”

AI, AR & VR are going to become part of our everyday lives soon right? How do you teach people not to freak out at this prospect?? 

“I was on a panel last week about this exact topic, and yes, as it was for the mobile phone era where we had brick sized phones, VR is currently a 'box on your face.’ But as Bob Schilowitz, head of innovation at Paramount, went on to explain, in this stage where we are struggling to imagine how to integrate this tech into mainstream life - the technology is racing ahead. This is also indicated by pricing drops when they first started, these devices cost $35,000. Today, thanks to advances in technology, wide field of vision goggles can be purchased for between $200 to $800."

There are currently many examples of how tech is right now changing our lives in a spectacular way.  

"A couple of health VR examples that I love, which have proven incredibly effective are:  Snowworld - Using VR headsets to ease the pain for burns victims when they change their dressings, they are taken on a VR ice walk which has a cooling sensation."

"I think that people are not able to imagine the future state of this VR  technology, due to the limited use cases, the current technology also seems limiting due to size, not easy to use, tethered, etc."

"We have been working with St John of God hospital in their trial of VR with Smileyscope to help children relax during medical procedures." 

"This is the work that we describe at PwC as solving 'big important problems' as bringing the healthcare industry into a patient or customer-centric experience where patients needs, not protocol come first. At every level there are barriers to change. Hospitals, after all, are the leading industry keeping the fax machine alive. This causes inefficiency when a patient's notes could be connected in the cloud for easy, fast access to blood types, allergies, and previous conditions.”

Now, if you are like me, then you will start to get sweaty palms, and your heart starts to race a bit when people talk about technology in this way. Its overwhelming, and anxiety inducing, and I’m going to admit I’m really uncertain. I’m fascinated by all these developments, and I love the impact tech are having on society but geez it freaks me out. I mean, in reality, this is what my kids will grow up with. This will be their life. They will naturally understand these concepts because they won’t know any different…so if I don’t keep up with it all, I will be left behind and face the frustration my parents go through who literally can’t cope with an iPhone update let alone augmented reality. Luckily, Fiona has a side hustle that aims to help you navigate these future dilemmas.

The Upswing

“I created The Upswing, which is using my understanding of digital disruption in the market and helping women to ‘pivot’ in their careers (statistically women will be more affected than men by robotic process automation etc). My website launches at the end of September with real stories to help people navigate pivoting in their career toward future focused options that are sustainable. I aim to create a community where people can access help to better profile themselves and understand the jobs of the future and where they fit." 

"It can be as simple as having a growth mindset and trying new things. In many cases, people are finding they are aligning more with their passions after years of working in mundane jobs that don't fill them up or align to their purpose.”

You say that you aim to create a community where people can access help to better profile themselves and understand the jobs of the future and where they fit. What do you mean by profile themselves and how does knowing this help someone? 

“Profiling yourself is basically, creating your own personal brand - what do you stand for and what is important to you? These are really the reasons people get hired for jobs, they align with values, and their value is evident in the way they present themselves online."

"Basically, it’s worth investing the time in writing your Linkedin profile and getting good headshots done - why would you want to present yourself as anything but your best? It only takes 3 seconds for someone to judge you and perhaps even less online if your profile photo isn't professional. This is just one example.” 

So, Tech is here. It’s staying and will only increase in presence. Are you ready? Do you feel at risk of not having the skills to pivot in your career? I’m sure Fiona will be more than willing to have a chat with you. She’ll be in Fiji, at Nurture Her, October 24-28….will you????

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