6 Questions With

Our resident brainiac and neuroscience nurturer, Shelley Laslett

Shelley is our resident brainiac and neuroscience nurturer.

1. What are you working on right now? (Maybe that you’re excited about?)

Wow. So many things. But we are most excited about developing our platform which uses neuroscience and some clever technology to help people capture and action those super important and yet fragile aha! moments when they need them most. A big tricky problem - but a very real and exciting one.  

2. What is something you did this week to nurture yourself?

Meditation time & Movement time. Meditation to nurture my mind. Exercise to nurture my body. I need both these things to stay balanced, focussed and whole. Both things happen 4 - 7 times each week - depending on my stress levels. :)  

3. Who is a leader you learnt something incredible from and what was the lesson your learnt?

Dr. Brené Brown - who despite being an incredible human, has created a movement using herself as a very brave example. Her body of work has helped me realise my power by recognising and sharing my vulnerabilities.   

4. Who do you think is a great innovator (brand or person) and why?

Gah! Just one! This is so hard. There are so many. Iconically though - Madonna. She's sold over 300 Million records, is the world's most recognisable female top star, and she's had #1 and Top 10 hits in every decade since launching her career in 1981 (37 years ago). Which is astonishing considering she isn't the most talented musician or vocalist. Her career demonstrates a key attribute of entrepreneurship - start with a good product and iterate it to make it great in new and surprising ways. Caveat: I am not a Madonna fan.  

5. If you were starting out again and could have any career you wanted, what would it be and why?

A musician - I would have continued my musical education and career. Music brings such joy to the creator and the consumer. Music can unite people unlike any other artistic medium. Simple lyrics and notes when arranged can create a movement. I love that it's all created by  our simple interactions with instruments or with our voice. Music touches you in a way that spoken words can't. People will listen intently to a speaker, but they will listen in awe to a vocalist. Which is pretty damn cool. 

6. What are you most excited about in attending the nurture her business retreat in Fiji this year? 

So many things! But mostly, connecting and sharing. Connecting with some amazing women and speakers whilst sharing some awesome neuroscience based knowledge to help these epic leaders thrive and bring more wellness and wonder into their life. How can you not be excited by doing that in a tropical paradise?

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