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Your Fiji Wellness Sessions

Bula everyone! Have you met our wellness team? Every morning, during your Nurture Her stay with us at the Intercontinental, we will provide the wellness sessions your body and mind have been yearning for. We can’t imagine a better start to the day for you. The sun will be shining and our team of experts will kick start your day with invigorating movement and meditation. 

Meet Your Nurture Her Wellness Team

Emma Maidment - Yoga teacher - Emma is the co-founder of the Mindful Morning Collective and Ritual Yoga Retreats. She’s a passionate yogi who loves helping people live authentic, connected lives filled with meaning.

Monica Ross - Personal trainer, model & food coach Creator of the Fit Food Fit Body movement - Mon specialises in helping women develop fit, toned bodies and find balance in their approach to nutrition. She especially loves working with new mums and busy women on the go!

Libby Babet - Personal trainer, health journalist & food coach - Libby is the trainer for Channel 10’s The Biggest Loser: Transformed, founder of BUF Girls and Agoga fitness concepts, as well as health food businesses Chief Nutrition and This Natural Life, and of course co-creator of Nurture Her! Her specialty is turning fitness into a fun experience and helping people flip their mindset and create healthy, happy life cultures that last.

Tami Roos - Meditation teacher, author & speaker - Earning her PHD in Parapsychic Science with her dissertation on meditation, Tami Roos came to a life-changing realisation. And that is alignment with our untapped highest potential is the missing link to a life of fulfilment and well-being.  The tool that leads us there: meditation. Today as the acclaimed author of The Gift: Presence to Power, Tami offers timeless wisdom for the individual seeking to slow down, gain clarity and experience more calm in their life.

Every morning from 6:30am you will have the choice of doing a yoga session with Emma or a workout with Mon or Libby. Or you could have a sleep in.....

Then at 9am you can also do a meditation session with Tami before the speaker sessions start.

Here is what to expect from your Nurture Her Wellness sessions.

Tone & Burn with Lib & Mon 

REFRESH body & mind 

On day one we’ll focus on refreshing your body and mind with a movement session designed to reconnect you with your body and leave you feeling uplifted, with a combination of toning resistance band work and more challenging bodyweight strength sets, as well as a little mobility work, to kick off your Nurture Her wellness journey with a bang, without overdoing it right off the mark.

RECHARGE energy  

Today the magic word is ‘recharge’ and this workout is all about boosting your energy and flooding your body with feel-good endorphins. We’ll continue to work through toning sets using resistance bands, before picking things up with a no-run cardio set designed to lift your mood and leave you on a natural high!

RADIATE confidence 

Time to combine everything we’ve practiced over the past few days in a higher intensity session that combines activation and toning work with goal-based strength and cardio sets, designed to push your limits and boost your confidence, so you walk away with a sense of accomplishment, ready to slay your day.

RECLAIM personal power 

Today’s workout has two purposes, to get you sweating and smiling as you watch your last beautiful Fijian sunrise, and to teach you how to create your own mini workouts, so you can continue your wellness journey back home! Empowering you to create your own sessions anytime, anywhere is one of the best gifts we can leave you with as you build your healthiest, happiest life culture. Feel free to bring your notebooks in case you want to scribble down a few strategies in between sets!

This casual workshop is your chance to get some up-close and personal time with our two fitness/foodie experts Lib and Mon. Bring all your questions and health concerns, and the girls will guide you through the often complex world of nutrition, helping you to optimise your health and wellness with simple switches, time saving strategies and guiding principles.

*Please note that neither Lib or Mon is a qualified nutritionist and able to address specific medical conditions, but they are both certified nutrition and wellness coaches who’ve worked almost exclusively with women through all life stages for a cumulative 20+ years now.

Sunrise Yoga + Bonus Acro Workshop 

Ground and Connect 

Take time to fully arrive onto the island and back into your body after travelling. We'll explore the Muladhara Chakra, which when in balance enhances vitality, vigour and growth. Expect a grounding, connected flow class, which will leave you feeling centred and connected. 

Heart forward  

Connect to your heart and Anahata Chakra with this heart expanding flow class. The Anahata means 'the unstruck' to live from this place is to live freely and fiercely from a place of love. We'll open the heart, which will leave you with an abundance of energy to move out into your day. Expect an expansive flow class with lots of opportunities to explore backbends and heart openers and the power of these shapes. 

Awaken your creativity 

Tap into the limitless potential of creativity with yourself! Exploring the Svadhisthana Chakra, which translates to, "the dwelling place of the self". We'll open the hips and unlock our inner flow of creativity. Expect a hip-opening, tension releasing watery flow class which will leave you feeling open and connected to your inner creative power. 

Fierce Grace, Connect to your personal power. 
There's a fire inside of you that, when nurtured, brings an incredible sense of personal determination, clarity, decision making, self-assurance and confidence. It's known as your Manipura Chakra, “city of jewels,” Connecting to this space gives us a clear understanding of who we are and our purpose in the world. Expect a strong and powerful class, lots of fun core work, which will leave you feeling strong and empowered in who you are and what you are doing in the world. 

AcroYoga Workshop - The Joy of Flight 

Are you ready to take your yoga practice to the sky? It’s time to FLY! Come and experience a fun a playful way to move and connect through AcroYoga! AcroYoga is a partner based practice that combines elements of Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai Massage. You’ll play games, fly high, work in a group and with a partner and most importantly you’ll smile the entire time. No experience necessary. No partner needed. Just bring your willingness to play and have fun!

Meditation sessions

Nurture Her attendees will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in deeply restorative and relaxing guided meditations under the direction of Tami Roos, PhD.  You won’t need prior experience as you will be gently led in a safe environment to nurture yourself with one of the most important self love practices there is; meditation.

You will have the opportunity to experience four different meditations over the course of Nurture Her with each day offering a new intention and focus.

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