Advice from Alumni

Mark Fisher, Eighty4 Recruitment

Mark Fisher is the dynamic owner of Eighty4 Recruitment, which specialises in recruitment for the engineering, surveying, planning and construction. He loved Nurture Change 2015 - so much so that he's coming back in 2016!  

We asked him to share with us 3 pieces of advice he would give to others in business...


1. Hire the best and don’t settle for anything less. As your company grows, so will the need for staff that align intently with your values and point of difference. Only hire people that make your business successful – this is a non-negotiable so wait for the right person to come along or go out and find them. No hiring for bums-on-seats sake, ok! Customer experience is paramount.

2. In any business it's easy to say yes to everything and everyone and do an average job for most of them. Exceed the expectations of your customers and employees – big or small, do something they’re not expecting and make them feel valued. Go above and beyond and see the relationship evolve tenfold. Solid business relationships are long-term profitable partnerships.

3. Whether it's your own staff, difficult clients or erratic customers, make sure you’re communicating effectively, every day. Your staff need to know where you’re heading – if they don't, how will they get you there? Imagine how amazing business (or the world) would be if we all completely understood each other?! Take time to ask questions and genuinely listen, we have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

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