Libby Babet's awesome mocktails for Dry July

Our health & wellness speaker Libby Babet has opened her recipe book to share her best mocktails to get you through Dry July! 

Pina Colada

Pop this list of ingredients in a blender, blend them up!

·      1 cup fresh coconut milk

·      A few chunks of pineapple, chopped up and frozen

·      A quarter of a banana, frozen

·      Freshly ground cinnamon to taste

·      A few drops of liquid stevia (or more, to taste)

·      Ice cubes

Mojito Fresh 

Round up these ingredients:

·      Mint leaves

·      2-4 lime wedges (to taste)

·      Sparkling water

·      Ice cubes

·      Optional: pomegranate seeds or chopped strawberry

Now do this:

1.     Put the ice cubes in a tall glass

2.     Squeeze lime wedges over the ice, then drop them into the glass

3.     Lightly rub or tap the mint leaves between your hands, then put them in the glass too.

4.     If you’re adding pomegranate or strawberry, do it now

5.     Add the sparkling water and drink up!

Pear & Lychee Martini

Pop these ingredients in a juicer:

·      1 pear

·      3-4 tinned lychees

·      5 celery sticks

Now do this

1.     Put some ice cubes in a glass (we dare you to go all out and put them in a martini glass!)

2.     Pour the juice over the top

Virgin Mary

Put all this in your favourite tall glass:

·      Ice cubes

·      Juice of half a lemon

·      Chilled tomato juice

·      1 teaspoon coconut aminos (or old school Worcestershire sauce)

·      Tabasco sauce & salt/pepper to taste

·      Garnish with a stick of celery or cucumber

Libby knows what it's like to fit fitness and good eating into an already flat-tack busy life, but she has some great tips on how to do it easily - make sure you're there with us in November to hear them! Book your spot now!

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