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Everyday we come across awesome people making a real difference in the world. The team at Family Focus Legal have to deal with some heavy issues relating to family law, every day. In this stressful environment Cat and Bek manage to embrace these emotions and then strategically soothe their clients with a plan and some reassurance about the next steps. It's people like Cat and Bek who make the world a better place and they were kind enough to give up some time, be vulnerable and answer a few questions we had for them. 

Aren't you guys too busy to take time off to come to Nurture Her? What attracted you to the retreat? 

Bek: I loved the idea that it looks at doing well in business and in life. Not many conferences that I attend look at how you cope in business or how you can be the best you can be in business. So the duality of the conference approach appealed to me. The location of the conference and the way it was presented in video was also engaging. In our business, Family Focus Legal we are always looking at how can we better show our clients and our community who we are as people and utilising the advanced and technological ways of doing this and so I liked that video was a way that Nurture Her communicated to us. It is much better than simply a PDF on what the itinerary will be.
Cat: Firstly, that it was an opportunity to be fully and completely immersed in the experience. To be able to take time out to solely dedicate myself to building and improving the business without the day to day interruptions, but to also invest in, rebuild, renew and grow myself. Secondly, was the seeing the amazing line up of guests and speakers which I will have the chance to learn from. 
What are you hoping to get from your experience in Fiji? 
Bek: I’m hoping for enough quiet time to be able to get clear on our business goals for the rest of 2018 and for the next 12 months. I am hoping to find some ways to better manage stress and business and the idea of still working in the business as a Lawyer while also working on the business.

Cat: So much! I would love fresh perspective and guidance in managing fast business growth and the pain that brings, input and ideas about creating, building and keeping the best team possible and different ways that we can give back to our team. I would love the opportunity to learn new planning skills and set some audacious goals for 2019 – but also how to improve implementation so that we actually achieve those goals. I would love insight about how to avoid burn out, how to maintain a harmonious workplace and culture, how to thrive in the juggle between running a business, a family and not forgetting about myself in the mix. 

How do you currently deal with stress and the pressure of running a law firm?
Bek: I actively embrace it. I just need to find some better and more frequent ways to let it go! To be honest I am not doing enough or a good enough job to deal with it. I know what is needed I just need to be disciplined in doing it for myself and taking my own advice I give to clients. Our clients come to us in some of the worst times of their lives and as we put so much heart and care into what we do I can feel the stress and worry of the client translating onto me. One of my superpowers is drawing the stress from someone, working out a plan for them and giving them some certainty and peace about the next steps or future strategy. I do this also for our team. My brain calculates like a mathematical equation the quickest and most efficient way to solve a problem and lists the steps to get there. I am a massive fan of delegation and multi-tasking and working out the parts that I do best, my 4% and that only I can do and focusing on those.

Cat: Great question! Managing that stress is always an ongoing battle and sometimes, I’m on the losing side. We have grown from a team of 3 to a team of 16 within three years, so we have rarely had a time of quiet calm in that period. A large portion of our work is Family Law, which as you can imagine is highly emotive and stressful in itself and it’s our job to absorb and remove some of that stress from our clients. For me, my one-hour yoga class on a Friday morning is my lifeline. It speaks to my mind and body and somehow, the message I get from the class is always the message I needed to hear that week. It allows me to enter work lighter, calmer and more focused.
On a day to day basis, writing a list, organising my thoughts and priorities first thing in the morning always centres me. If I feel like things are getting crazy, I take a breath and I fall back to this to restore the calm and re-focus myself.
You're both going to meet amazing women at Nurture Her....what is one thing people will be surprised to learn about you?
Bek: From a very deep place, even though I talk and advocate for people in my role, it still really scares me to network and the bigger our firm gets and the more we seem to achieve the more insecure I become because I think I am getting more fearful instead of less.
From something more light hearted – I don’t know my left from my right and thank goodness I can click my right hand and not with my left so I know which way to go when I need to go right.

Cat:People are often surprised that American Punk Rock is my favourite genre of music – sneaking backstage at concert has been a highlight of 2018!
If you were to have breakfast with one of our speakers who would it be and what would you want to learn from them? 
Bek: Janine Allis – I'd want to ask how does she keep her vitality and confidence in business? She has longevity in business, has been innovative, is the strongest in an oversaturated market, similar to the legal market where everyone can do a Will just like everyone can make an orange juice and is always smiling.

Cat: So hard to choose! I think Sarah Nally, because she is driving the concept of the workplace that we are trying to achieve for our team. I would love to learn as much as possible about how to make the flexibility work, make it sustainable and create a workplace that our team truly loves. I would also pick her brain about how make Family Focus Legal really stand out and shine with innovation and difference from our competitors.

Now for the serious stuff..... Will we find you down at the beach or at the poolside bar?
Bek: At the Poolside bar – I hope they have Moscato! Another thing about me – is after having children drinking anything other than Moscato makes me blow up like a fish!

Cat: Most likely down at the beach. I love being by the water and in the fresh air.

Do you love a sleep in or will we see you at our 6:15am outdoor workout sessions?

Bek: I love a sleep in – but I’m thinking that one of the keys to success which I am missing out on is staring the day earlier! So one of my goals is to get to the workout sessions.

Cat: I tend to be a night owl, working after the kids have gone to bed – so I usually choose sleep in. However, I will make the 6:15am workout session if it involves yoga haha! 

Finally, if you were one of our guest speakers what issue would you address? 

Bek: I would address creating a culture of women who have each other’s backs – that we rise by lifting others. The whole ethos behind starting to operate Family Focus Legal, came from failures in business and partnership of not being able to create this which led to a sad business culture and ultimately unproductive and stale businesses. Our team is our best asset, we love them like we wanted to and want to be loved as employees and Family is the focus of everything we do – literally!
Cat: How to stay fresh, current and ahead of the trends, but in a sustainable manner. Also, their best hacks for planning and seeing the successful implementation of plans and goal attainment.
With 6 weeks to go we are starting to finalise our schedule and we will be closing off ticket sales in the next 2 weeks. Your chance to to meet Janine, Agapi, Sarah, Libby, Cat & Bek is waiting for you. Click here to book a call with our customer care team. 

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